1. tgemre

    RedM Win7: Can’t launch game, GetHostNameW in WS2_32.dll

    We are aware of the FiveM client not working on Windows 7 at this time, this is pending a fix on libuv's side: Fixed compatibility issue with windows 7 by kampeador · Pull Request #3285 · libuv/libuv Keep in mind that Windows 7 is a 12 year old OS by now and was only used by <0.35% of players...
  2. tgemre

    Script give rewards to players!

    Hi, this is karma system for ReDM. this script allows you to put a bounty on players. features : If the player kills other player, bounty will be put on his head for a specific timeframe. Other players can hunt the wanted player. If someone kills the wanted player, money will be remove from...