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    RedM Epic Games Red dead Redemption 2'yi bedava vericek! | Epic Games Red Dead Redemption 2 free

    Yapılan paylaşıma göre Epic Games, 17 Aralık'tan başlayarak sırasıyla; Dying Light, Resident Evil 7, The Witcher 3, Mass Effect Andromeda, Assassin's Creed Origins, Red Dead Redemption ve Red Dead Redemption 2 ,Metal Gear Solid V, The Evil Within 2, Far Cry 5, Fallout 4, Borderlands 3, Monster...
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    Dear redmturk.com members, it is on sale until November 18, just like steam. değerli redmturk.com üyeleri, RDR2 Steam üzerinde 18 kasım'a kadar indirimde.
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    Script Redm | Weapon Twirl

    Players can bring up the twirl prompts by pressing BACKSPACE by default if they hold a revolver or pistol. TR Oyuncular, bir tabanca veya tabanca tutuyorlarsa, varsayılan olarak GERİ AL düğmesine basarak döndürme istemlerini görüntüleyebilirler. Download Virus total
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    Script [RedEM:RP] Scene text

    Scene text Script for RedEM:RP Players can create Scene texts and later edit it. Text, Font, text color, background color and text scale can be changed or the Scene can be deleted by the owner. TR RedEM:RP için sahne metni Komut Dosyası Oyuncular Sahne metinleri oluşturabilir ve daha sonra...
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    Script Redm Bathing

    VİRUS TOTAL Download
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    Script Redm | Piano Playing

    Here is a script that will allow you to play piano at most saloons, such as blackwater, valentine, rhodes, etc. I do not take credit for this script, I compiled various snippets and put it together in an easy to install folder that you throw in your resources, and add ensure piano to your...
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    Script [VORP] vorp_mailbox

    A real messaging system between players totally configurable. Exchange between player but also announcement for all players No support / Use Mariadb and linux server… Make adaptation for windows sql server TR Tamamen yapılandırılabilir oyuncular arasında gerçek bir mesajlaşma sistemi...
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    Script [VORP] Changing Room

    Good day yall. I have been working on making this Changing room script for our server. thought id share it. right now the location of the changing room is the saloon in valentine but you can add as many as u like in the config Download Virus total iyi günler. Sunucunuz için bu Soyunma odası...
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    RedM Win7: Can’t launch game, GetHostNameW in WS2_32.dll

    We are aware of the FiveM client not working on Windows 7 at this time, this is pending a fix on libuv's side: Fixed compatibility issue with windows 7 by kampeador · Pull Request #3285 · libuv/libuv Keep in mind that Windows 7 is a 12 year old OS by now and was only used by <0.35% of players...
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    Script give rewards to players!

    Hi, this is karma system for ReDM. this script allows you to put a bounty on players. features : If the player kills other player, bounty will be put on his head for a specific timeframe. Other players can hunt the wanted player. If someone kills the wanted player, money will be remove from...
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    Merhaba değerli redmturk.com üyeleri , steam'in yapmış olduğu '' Sınırsız keşfin indirimi ve kutlaması'' adı altında 27-31 mayıs arasında bir çok oyun indirimde. Oyun alacaklara indirim bekleyenlere duyurulur :) Nereden alınır; Biraz daha alta indiğinizde veya mağaza çubuğundan aratma...