redm announcements

  1. tgemre

    RedM Win7: Can’t launch game, GetHostNameW in WS2_32.dll

    We are aware of the FiveM client not working on Windows 7 at this time, this is pending a fix on libuv's side: Fixed compatibility issue with windows 7 by kampeador · Pull Request #3285 · libuv/libuv Keep in mind that Windows 7 is a 12 year old OS by now and was only used by <0.35% of players...
  2. tgemre

    RedM Everyone can use OneSync on their RedM server!

    herkese selam RedM için uzun zamandır beklenen OneSync'in teknik önizleme sürümünü duyurmaktan mutluluk duyuyoruz. Bugünden itibaren herkes OneSync'i RedM sunucusunda kullanabilir! ENG Hi everyone We’re pleased to announce the technical preview release of the long-awaited OneSync for RedM...